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Anonymous Email Send
16-02-2009, 09:27 AM,
Post: #1
Anonymous Email Send
#! /usr/bin/perl
    # Program to connect to mail server
    # and send mail to a specified user
    # Pray to god this works
    use IO::Socket; #tell perl to use IO *Input Output) Internet Socket
    if (!$ARGV[2]) { #if nothign is entered, start this routine
    print "Program intended to send mail anonymously\n"; #message to user
    print "Usage: perl [server] [sender] [recepient]\n"; #more message =)
    exit; # finish this routine
    } #end this routine
    # Time to define some variables!
    $server = $ARGV[0]; # what server to use to send the mail
    $sender = $ARGV[1]; # who the e-mail is from
    $recpt = $ARGV[2]; # who the e-mail is to
    { # start new routine
    print"Type message to send: "; #asks user for message
    $message = <STDIN>; # saves the input as string message
    $remote = IO::Socket::INET->new( PeerAddr => "$server", Proto => "tcp", PeerPort => "25");
    print "Connecting...\n"; # update user with status
    sleep(1);# tells program to stop and wait
    print $remote "HELO computer\n"; # telling mailserver hello
    print "Sending E-Mail Header Information\n"; # update user with status again
    print $remote "MAIL FROM: $sender\r\n"; # Tells server who mail is spoofed from
    print $remote "RCPT TO: $recpt\n"; # Tells server who to send the email to
    print $remote "DATA\n"; # Tells server to start process off receiving our email message
    print "Sending Message\n"; # Update user of status again
    print $remote "$message\n"; # Sends the string we entered earlier into the server
    print $remote ".\n"; # Tells SMTP server to stop receiving data, and send message
    print "Anonymous E-Mail Sent!\n"; # tells user program is finished
    exit; # stop this subroutine
01-12-2012, 03:42 PM,
Post: #2
RE: Anonymous Email Send
try first..

thanks for perl..
02-12-2012, 03:32 AM,
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Re: Anonymous Email Send
Ade server yg perlukan authentication.
19-05-2013, 07:47 PM,
Post: #4
RE: Anonymous Email Send
XShimeX ,script ni work lg ke? Big Grin
"Tanda ilmu itu berkat ialah semakin tinggi ilmu kita,semakin tunduk rendah kita bertawaduk kepada Allah dan juga sesama manusia.Merasakan betapa hebatnya Allah dan tinggi ilmuNya sehingga kita berasa betapa kerdilnya ilmu kita"
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