Full Version: [ask]VB net Reg and Log in with access database
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salam to all ^^

sape ade tutorial tuk buat registration and log in guna vb net 2010 dengan access 2010 database??
yg simple2..
ak cube try yg di googled,sume xjadi..huhu

kalo ade sample2 applicartion/programm korang yg dah buat pom boleh gak kongsi,sharing is sexy~ Kih3

thx allboss
Welcome back dude ;d
if me.. just use oledb, then query the select + where statement to get the return value of row. if exist of the user+password, the system will return 1 row. If user not exist / user name incorrect and pass not valid or both.. the query will return 0 row... then just compare.. if row=1 then true to login, else..not authenticate
aku rasa default dlm visual studio sendiri ada user management including registration & role access. apa google? GayFace